Chandler Nursing Center Skilled Nursing Services

Our skilled nursing services are available to patients who need assistance with daily tasks as they work to restore their health. Many of these patients may be suffering from acute or chronic illness or may have recently been injured or undergone surgery. These patients are stable, but continue to require assessment and treatment. They may require nutritional support or assistance with self-care and with activities of daily living.

Wound Care Services are available for patients who have wounds incurred as a result of surgery, trauma, disease process or unrelieved pressure.

Infusion Therapies may include hydration, administration of antibiotics and maintenance of intravenous lines.

Respiratory Services benefit patients with respiratory impairments who may require services including airway management, oxygen administration and nebulizer treatments.

Renal Disease Services benefit patients suffering from acute or chronic kidney disorders.

Digestive Disease Services include the administration of antibiotic therapy and may include enteral nutrition.

Chandler Nursing Center Skilled Nursing Services